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Last Update : 2010/03/30

What's New!

2010/03/30: Release of the public version catalogues to the AKARI science team


The AKARI Catalogue Archive Server (AKARI-CAS) on DARTS provides various data search tools with links to external archives.

[Release note]

Overview of the AKARI All-Sky Survey, data processing, calibration, catalogue format and contents, basic performance, what's new and caveats for the users are summarized in the following document. Users of the catalogue are strongly recommended to read the note prior to playing with the data.

There is a possibility that minor updates of data / document take place.

  • FIS Bright Source Catalogue Release Note (Ver.1) [AKARI-FIS_BSC_V1_RN.pdf; 5.0MB; 2010/03/30]
  • IRC Point Source Catalogue Release Note (Ver.1) [AKARI-IRC_PSC_V1_RN.pdf; 1.2MB; 2010/03/30]

    [Catalogue data files]

    [Scientific Analysis]

    The use of this catalogue for the scientific analysis should follow the the guidelines for publication: AKARI Guidelines for Publication


    Questions and comments are most appreciated. Please send them via helpdesk (see below for contact address).
    Production of the AKARI/FIS All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogues is ongoing with the participation of people from the following institutes: ISAS/JAXA, Seoul National University, Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Imperial College London, The Open University, University of Sussex, SRON-Netherlands Institute for Space Research, European Space Astronomy Centre/ESA.
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