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Presentation slides at AKAR Data Users Meeting at ASJ annual meeting 2015/03/20 (Japanese)
2014/12/19: AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps public release
2014/10/27: Release plan of the AKARI processed data
2014/03/10: The Asteroid Catalog using AKARI IRC Slow-Scan Observations
2014/03/10: AKARI Near-infrared Spectral Atlas of Galactic HII regions
2013/12/02: Updates on the IRC imaging toolkit for Phase 1 & 2 and Phase 3.
2013/10/16: AKARI-NEP Source Catalogue (NEP-Deep) Version 2 Public Release
2013/08/23: Update on the IRC spectroscopic toolkit for Phase 1&2.
2013/03/15: AKARI-NEP Source Catalogue (NEP-Deep, NEP-Wide) Version 1 Public Release
2013/01/10: AKARI-LMC Near-infrared Spectroscopic Catalogue Version 1 Public Release
2012/11/13: AKARI-LMC Point Source Catalogue Version 1 Public Release

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Data Archive

Pointed observation (LS/MP/OT) schedule and data are available at [Observation Log]. Data are open to public after one year proprietary period for the observer.
The period starts when the data is available on DARTS. Please follow the instruction below for donwloading and decrypting the data.

AKARI Data Archive is maintained in DARTS by C-SODA/ISAS.

Data Reduction Support (MP/OT)

[Software and data reduction support pages]

[Data User's Manual]

[Response Functions]

Observation Programme

[AKARI Post-Helium (Phase3) Mission 2nd year]

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