Last Update : 2015/03/31

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AKARI/IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2) minor update (Ver. 1.0.1)
2015/04/30: IRC Data Users Manual (IDUM) for Phase 1&2 version 2.0 released.
2015/03/31: AKARI/IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2) public release
2015/03/26: Presentation slides at AKAR Data Users Meeting at ASJ annual meeting 2015/03/20 (Japanese)
2014/12/19: AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps public release
2014/10/27: Release plan of the AKARI processed data
2014/03/10: The Asteroid Catalog using AKARI IRC Slow-Scan Observations
2014/03/10: AKARI Near-infrared Spectral Atlas of Galactic HII regions
2013/12/02: Updates on the IRC imaging toolkit for Phase 1 & 2 and Phase 3.
2013/10/16: AKARI-NEP Source Catalogue (NEP-Deep) Version 2 Public Release
2013/08/23: Update on the IRC spectroscopic toolkit for Phase 1&2.
2013/03/15: AKARI-NEP Source Catalogue (NEP-Deep, NEP-Wide) Version 1 Public Release
2013/01/10: AKARI-LMC Near-infrared Spectroscopic Catalogue Version 1 Public Release
2012/11/13: AKARI-LMC Point Source Catalogue Version 1 Public Release

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