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Page Opened : 09/05/27
Last Update : 09/09/22

What's New!

2008/09/22: Phase 3-II Open Time approved programmes.
2009/06/18: Proposal submission page open.
2009/06/18: Duplication tool and visibility tool available.
2009/06/15: Blocked target list becomes available.
2009/05/27: Page opened.

[Phase 3-II Open Time approved programmes]

This announcement concerns observations to be performed in the AKARI post-Helium phase (Phase 3), in which imaging and spectroscopic capabilities are available in the 1.8 to 5.5 micron range. The Phase 3-II observation period starts on October 15th, 2009 for one year.

Twenty per cent of the total observing opportunities (number of pointings) are reserved for programmes from individuals and teams from institutes located in Japan and Korea.

Another ten per cent is reserved for the scientists in the ESA member states. Please refer to the ESAC/ESA page.

[Deadline for submission]

The deadline for proposals submission is 6 July, 2009, 9:00 UT.

[Proposal submission]

Proposals shall be submitted in electronic form using the AKARI Proposal Submission Tool. (09/06/18 Open!)


[Support tools/links]


Any questions about the AKARI Open Time observations by the Japan/Korea scientists, please consult the ISAS Helpdesk (iris_help @ ir.isas.jaxa.jp). The European observers are requested to contact ESA AKARI Helpdesk.

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