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  • 28 Jan. 2013

    SPICA Science Conference 2013 -From Exoplanets to Distant Galaxies: SPICA's New Window on the Cool Universe will be held June 18th-June 21st, 2013@Unversity of Tokyo. From Japan and overseas, SPICA scientists will get together to have discussions on scientific goal and achievement that SPICA is expected to accomplish in 2020's.

  • 17 Jan. 2013

    SPICA Risk Mitigation Phase#2 has been formally started after obtaining the official approval by the JAXA Board members on 15 Jan, 2013. That’s a significant leap for SPICA toward an approval as an official project of JAXA.

  • 10 Jan. 2013

    Space Science Symposium 2013 hosted by ISAS/JAXA was held on 8-9 Jan. 2013. In the special panel discussion on 9 Jan titled ‘Creation of Space Science Mission- How to Propel Major Satellite Projects’, Takao Nakagawa, SPICA Pre-project Manager, was actively involved in the hot discussion.


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