AKARI related publications in 2018

  1. The perturbed sublimation rim of the dust disk around the post-AGB binary IRAS08544-4431
    Kluska, J.; Hillen, M.; Van Winckel, H.; Manick, R.; Min, M.; Regibo, S. & Royer, P.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 616, id.A153, 12 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  2. Small Bodies Near and Far (SBNAF): A benchmark study on physical and thermal properties of small bodies in the Solar System
    Müller, T. G.; Marciniak, A.; Kiss, Cs.; Duffard, R.; Alí-Lagoa, V.; Bartczak, P.; Butkiewicz-Bąk, M.; Dudziński, G.; Fernández-Valenzuela, E.; Marton, G.; Morales, N.; Ortiz, J. -L.; Oszkiewicz, D.; Santana-Ros, T.; Szakáts, R.; Santos-Sanz, P.; Takácsné Farkas, A. & Varga-Verebélyi, E.
    Reference: Advances in Space Research, Volume 62, Issue 8, p. 2326-2341.
    URL: [ADS]
  3. Revised and updated catalogue of the First Byurakan Survey of late-type stars: 2nd edition
    Gigoyan, K. S.; Mickaelian, A. M. & Kostandyan, G. R.
    Reference: Communications of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (ComBAO), Volume 65, Issue 2, p. 262-267
    URL: [ADS]
  4. The Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Project (DSHARP). I. Motivation, Sample, Calibration, and Overview
    Authors: Andrews, Sean M.; Huang, Jane; Pérez, Laura M.; Isella, Andrea; Dullemond, Cornelis P.; Kurtovic, Nicolás T.; Guzmán, Viviana V.; Carpenter, John M.; Wilner, David J.; Zhang, Shangjia; Zhu, Zhaohuan; Birnstiel, Tilman; Bai, Xue-Ning; Benisty, Myriam; Hughes, A. Meredith; Öberg, Karin I. & Ricci, Luca
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 869, Issue 2, article id. L41, 15 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  5. SMASHing the LMC: Mapping a Ring-like Stellar Overdensity in the LMC Disk
    Authors: Choi, Yumi; Nidever, David L.; Olsen, Knut; Besla, Gurtina; Blum, Robert D.; Zaritsky, Dennis; Cioni, Maria-Rosa L.; van der Marel, Roeland P.; Bell, Eric F.; Johnson, L. Clifton; Vivas, A. Katherina; Walker, Alistair R.; de Boer, Thomas J. L.; Noël, Noelia E. D.; Monachesi, Antonela; Gallart, Carme; Monelli, Matteo; Stringfellow, Guy S.; Massana, Pol; Martinez-Delgado, David & Muñoz, Ricardo R.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 869, Issue 2, article id. 125, 12 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  6. PRIMASS visits Hilda and Cybele groups
    Authors: De Prá, M. N.; Pinilla-Alonso, N.; Carvano, J. M.; Licandro, J.; Campins, H.; Mothé-Diniz, T.; De León, J. & Alí-Lagoa, V.
    Reference: Icarus, Volume 311, p. 35-51.
    URL: [ADS]
  7. Multiwavelength Analyses of Mid-Infrared Selected Active Galactic Nuclei
    Authors: Lam, Anson Chengsong
    Reference: ProQuest Dissertations And Theses; Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Los Angeles, 2018.; Publication Number: AAT 10982561; ISBN: 9780438728141; Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 80-04(E), Section: B.; 212 p.
    URL: [ADS]
  8. Angular Sizes and Effective Temperatures of O-type Stars from Optical Interferometry with the CHARA Array
    Authors: Gordon, Kathryn D.; Gies, Douglas R.; Schaefer, Gail H.; Huber, Daniel; Ireland, Michael & Hillier, D. John
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 869, Issue 1, article id. 37, 13 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  9. HD 63021: An Ae Star with X-Ray Flux
    Authors: Whelan, David G.; Labadie-Bartz, Jon; Chojnowski, S. Drew; Daglen, James & Hudson, Ken
    Reference: Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society, Volume 2, Issue 2, article id. 33, (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  10. Calibrating the James Webb Space Telescope Filters as Star Formation Rate Indicators
    Authors: Senarath, Madhooshi R.; Brown, Michael J. I.; Cluver, Michelle E.; Moustakas, John; Armus, Lee & Jarrett, Thomas H.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 869, Issue 2, article id. L26, 7 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  11. Properties of dust in the detached shells around U Antilae, DR Serpentis, and V644 Scorpii
    Authors: Maercker, M.; Khouri, T.; De Beck, E.; Brunner, M.; Mecina, M. & Jaldehag, O.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 620, id.A106, 9 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  12. Modelling Cosmic Infrared Background with evolving galaxies
    Authors: Ermash, A. A.; Pilipenko, S. V. & Lukash, V. N.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1812.08575
    URL: [ADS]
  13. X-ray - Infrared relation of AGNs and search for highly obscured accretion in the AKARI NEP Field
    Authors: Miyaji, Takamitsu & AKARI NEP Survey Team
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1812.06208
    URL: [ADS]
  14. Comprehensive Analysis of HD 105, A Young Solar System Analog
    Authors: Marshall, J. P.; Milli, J.; Choquet, É.; del Burgo, C.; Kennedy, G. M.; Matrà, L.; Ertel, S. & Boccaletti, A.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 869, Issue 1, article id. 10, 12 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  15. Ratio of black hole to galaxy mass of an extremely red dust-obscured galaxy at z = 2.52
    Authors: Matsuoka, K.; Toba, Y.; Shidatsu, M.; Ueda, Y.; Iwasawa, K.; Terashima, Y.; Imanishi, M.; Nagao, T.; Marconi, A. & Wang, W. -H.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 620, id.L3, 6 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  16. Sharpening up Galactic all-sky maps with complementary data. A machine learning approach
    Authors: Müller, Ancla; Hackstein, Moritz; Greiner, Maksim; Frank, Philipp; Bomans, Dominik J.; Dettmar, Ralf-Jürgen & Enßlin, Torsten
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 620, id.A64, 20 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  17. Title: Optimizing the LSST Observing Strategy for Dark Energy Science: DESC Recommendations for the Deep Drilling Fields and other Special Programs
    Authors: Scolnic, D. M., Lochner, M., Gris, P., Regnault, N., Hložek, R., Aldering, G., Allam Jr, T., Awan, H., Biswas, R., Blazek, J., Chang, C., Gawiser, E., Goobar, A., Hook, I. M., Jha, S. W., McEwen, J. D., Mandelbaum, R., Marshall, P., Neilsen, E., Rhodes, J., Rothchild, D., Noarbe, I. S., Slosar, A. & Yoachim, P.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1812.00516
    URL: [ADS]
  18. Title: Anisotropic winds in Wolf-Rayet binary identify potential gamma-ray burst progenitor
    Authors: Callingham, J. R., Tuthill, P. G., Pope, B. J. S., Williams, P. M., Crowther, P. A., Edwards, M., Norris, B. & Kedziora-Chudczer, L.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1811.06985
    URL: [ADS]
  19. Title: Active Galaxy Science in the LSST Deep-Drilling Fields: Footprints, Cadence Requirements, and Total-Depth Requirements
    Authors: Brandt, W. N., Ni, Q., Yang, G., Anderson, S. F., Assef, R. J., Barth, A. J., Bauer, F. E., Bongiorno, A., Chen, C.-T., De Cicco, D., Gezari, S., Grier, C. J., Hall, P. B., Hoenig, S. F., Lacy, M., Li, J., Luo, B., Paolillo, M., Peterson, B. M., Popović, L. C., Richards, G. T., Shemmer, O., Shen, Y., Sun, M., Timlin, J. D., Trump, J. R., Vito, F. & Yu, Z.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1811.06542
    URL: [ADS]
  20. Title: A Multi-technique Study of the Dynamical Evolution of the Viscous Disk around the Be Star {\omega} CMa
    Authors: Ghoreyshi, M. R.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1811.02205
    URL: [ADS]
  21. Title: CO observations of the molecular gas in the Galactic H II region Sh2-48: Evidence for cloud-cloud collision as a trigger of high-mass star formation
    Authors: Torii, K., Hattori, Y., Matsuo, M., Fujita, S., Nishimura, A., Kohno, M., Kuriki, M., Tsuda, Y., Minamidani, T., Umemoto, T., Kuno, N., Yoshiike, S., Ohama, A., Tachihara, K., Fukui, Y., Shima, K., Habe, A. & Haworth, T. J.
    Reference: Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, Advance Access
    URL: [ADS]
  22. Title: A Transitional Disk around an Intermediate-mass Star in the Sparse Population of the Orion OB1 Association
    Authors: Pérez-Blanco, A., Maucó, K., Hernández, J., Calvet, N., Espaillat, C., McClure, M., Briceño, C., Robinson, C., Feldman, D., Villarreal, L. & D'Alessio, P.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 867, Issue 2, article id. 116, 12 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  23. Title: Extreme submillimetre starburst galaxies
    Authors: Rowan-Robinson, M., Wang, L., Farrah, D., Rigopoulou, D., Gruppioni, C., Vaccari, M., Marchetti, L., Clements, D. L. & Pearson, W. J.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 619, id.A169, 19 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  24. Title: 86 GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars in the Inner Galaxy. IV. SiO emission and infrared data for sources in the Scutum and Sagittarius-Carina arms, 20° < l < 50°
    Authors: Messineo, M., Habing, H. J., Sjouwerman, L. O., Omont, A. & Menten, K. M.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 619, id.A35, 14 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  25. Title: Infrared Two-Color Diagrams of AGB Stars and Planetary Nebulae Using WISE Data
    Authors: Suh, K.-W.
    Reference: Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society, vol. 51, no. 5, pp. 155-164
    URL: [ADS]
  26. Title: A near-infrared variable star survey in the Magellanic Clouds: the Small Magellanic Cloud data
    Authors: Ita, Y., Matsunaga, N., Tanabé, T., Nakada, Y., Kato, D., Nagayama, T., Nagashima, C., Kurita, M., Nakajima, Y., Whitelock, P. A., Menzies, J. W., Feast, M. W., Nagata, T., Tamura, M. & Nakaya, H.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 481, Issue 3, p.4206-4220
    URL: [ADS]
  27. Title: Near-infrared Spectra of a Sample of Galactic Unclassified B[e] Stars
    Authors: Arias, M. L., Cidale, L. S., Kraus, M., Torres, A. F., Aidelman, Y., Zorec, J. & Granada, A.
    Reference: Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 130, Issue 993, pp. 114201 (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  28. Title: Detecting Variability in Massive Astronomical Time-series Data. III. Variable Candidates in the SuperWASP DR1 Found by Multiple Clustering Algorithms and a Consensus Clustering Method
    Authors: Shin, M.-S., Chang, S.-W., Yi, H., Kim, D.-W., Kim, M.-J. & Byun, Y.-I.
    Reference: The Astronomical Journal, Volume 156, Issue 5, article id. 201, 21 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  29. Title: Is the infrared background excess explained by the isotropic zodiacal light from the outer solar system?
    Authors: Tsumura, K.
    Reference: Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, Volume 70, Issue 5, id.98
    URL: [ADS]
  30. Title: Physical properties of the fullerene C<SUB>60</SUB>-containing planetary nebula SaSt 2-3★
    Authors: Otsuka, M.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Advance Access
    URL: [ADS]
  31. Title: Thermal properties of large main belt asteroids derived from Herschel PACS data
    Authors: Lagoa, V. M. A., Müller, T. G., Marciniak, A., Kiss, C., Duffard, R., Bartczak, P., Butkiewicz-Bak, M., Dudzinski, G., Fernández-Valenzuela, E., Marton, G., Morales Palomino, N., Ortiz, J. L., Podlewska-Gaca, E., Oszkiewicz, D., Santana-Ros, T., Santos-Sanz, P., Szakáts, R., Takácsné-Farkas, A. & Varga-Verebelyi, E.
    Reference: American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #50, id.408.01
    URL: [ADS]
  32. Title: AKARI Mission Program: Excavating Mass Loss History in Extended Dust Shells of Evolved Stars (MLHES) I. Far-IR Photometry
    Authors: Ueta, T., Torres, A. J., Izumiura, H., Yamamura, I., Takita, S. & Tomasino, R. L.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1810.10896
    URL: [ADS]
  33. Title: Orbital properties of binary post-AGB stars
    Authors: Oomen, G.-M., Van Winckel, H., Pols, O., Nelemans, G., Escorza, A., Manick, R., Kamath, D. & Waelkens, C.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1810.01842
    URL: [ADS]
  34. Title: Polar Dust, Nuclear Obscuration, and IR SED Diversity in Type-1 AGNs
    Authors: Lyu, J. & Rieke, G. H.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 866, Issue 2, article id. 92, 28 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  35. Title: The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. A Neptune-mass planet traversing the habitable zone around HD 180617
    Authors: Kaminski, A., Trifonov, T., Caballero, J. A., Quirrenbach, A., Ribas, I., Reiners, A., Amado, P. J., Zechmeister, M., Dreizler, S., Perger, M., Tal-Or, L., Bonfils, X., Mayor, M., Astudillo-Defru, N., Bauer, F. F., Béjar, V. J. S., Cifuentes, C., Colomé, J., Cortés-Contreras, M., Delfosse, X., Dýez-Alonso, E., Forveille, T., Guenther, E. W., Hatzes, A. P., Henning, T., Jeffers, S. V., Kürster, M., Lafarga, M., Luque, R., Mandel, H., Montes, D., Morales, J. C., Passegger, V. M., Pedraz, S., Reffert, S., Sadegi, S., Schweitzer, A., Seifert, W., Stahl, O. & Udry, S.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 618, id.A115, 11 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  36. Title: AKARI mid-infrared slitless spectroscopic survey of star-forming galaxies at z \le; 0.5
    Authors: Ohyama, Y., Wada, T., Matsuhara, H., Takagi, T., Malkan, M., Goto, T., Egami, E., Lee, H.-M., Im, M., Kim, J. H., Pearson, C., Inami, H., Oyabu, S., Usui, F., Burgarella, D., Mazyed, F., Imanishi, M., Jeong, W.-S., Miyaji, T., Díaz Tello, J., Nakagawa, T., Serjeant, S., Takeuchi, T. T., Toba, Y., White, G. J., Hanami, H. & Ishigaki, T.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 618, id.A101, 33 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  37. Title: XMMPZCAT: A catalogue of photometric redshifts for X-ray sources
    Authors: Ruiz, A., Corral, A., Mountrichas, G. & Georgantopoulos, I.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 618, id.A52, 16 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  38. Title: The AKARI 2.5-5 micron spectra of luminous infrared galaxies in the local Universe
    Authors: Inami, H., Armus, L., Matsuhara, H., Charmandaris, V., Díaz-Santos, T., Surace, J., Stierwalt, S., Ohyama, Y., Howell, J., Marshall, J., Evans, A. S., Linden, S. T. & Mazzarella, J.
    Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 617, id.A130, 27 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  39. Title: Properties and environments of [Ultra] Luminous Infrared Galaxy candidates around the south ecliptic pole
    Authors: Bankowicz, M., Herzig, A., Pollo, A. & Małek, K.
    Reference: XXXVIII Polish Astronomical Society Meeting, Proceedings of the meeting held 11-14 September, 2017 in Zielona Góra, Poland. Proceedings of the Polish Astronomical Society, Vol. 7, Edited by Agata Różaòska. ISBN: 978-83-950430-0-0, 2018, pp.233-238
    URL: [ADS]
  40. Title: Constraining the star formation rate with the extragalactic background light
    Authors: Korochkin, A. A. & Rubtsov, G. I.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 481, Issue 1, p.557-565
    URL: [ADS]
  41. Title: The Double Dust Envelopes of R Coronae Borealis Stars
    Authors: Montiel, E. J., Clayton, G. C., Sugerman, B. E. K., Evans, A., Garcia-Hernández, D. A., Kameswara Rao, N., Matsuura, M. & Tisserand, P.
    Reference: The Astronomical Journal, Volume 156, Issue 4, article id. 148, 25 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  42. Title: Far-infrared emission of massive stars
    Authors: Siebenmorgen, R., Scicluna, P. & Krelowski, J.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1809.06658
    URL: [ADS]
  43. Title: The Herschel-PACS North Ecliptic Pole Survey
    Authors: Pearson, C., Barrufet, L., Campos Varillas, M. D. C., Serjeant, S., Clements, D. L., Goto, T., Im, M., Jeong, W.-S., Kim, S. J., Matsuhara, H., Sedgwick, C. & Valtchanov, I.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1809.03990
    URL: [ADS]
  44. Title: The second-closest gamma-ray burst: sub-luminous GRB 111005A with no supernova in a super-solar metallicity environment
    Authors: MichałowskI, M. J., Xu, D., Stevens, J., Levan, A., Yang, J., Paragi, Z., Kamble, A., Tsai, A.-L., Dannerbauer, H., van der Horst, A. J., Shao, L., Crosby, D., Gentile, G., Stanway, E., Wiersema, K., Fynbo, J. P. U., Tanvir, N. R., Kamphuis, P., Garrett, M. & Bartczak, P.
    Reference: Astronomy &amp; Astrophysics, Volume 616, id.A169, 15 pp.
    URL: [ADS]
  45. Title: Comets, asteroids and interplanetary dust as seen in near- to far-infrared with AKARI
    Authors: Ootsubo, T., Ishihara, D., Hasegawa, S., Pyo, J., Usui, F., Kawakita, H., Mueller, T., Ali-Lagoa, V., Takahashi, A. & Takaba, S.
    Reference: 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 14-22 July 2018, in Pasadena, California, USA, Abstract id. B0.3-4-18.
    URL: [ADS]
  46. Title: The complete IR view of the Swift/BAT 70 month AGN catalog
    Authors: Ichikawa, K.
    Reference: 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 14-22 July 2018, in Pasadena, California, USA, Abstract id. E1.12-11-18.
    URL: [ADS]
  47. Title: Discovery of two embedded massive YSOs and an outflow in IRAS 18144-1723
    Authors: Varricatt, W. P., Wouterloot, J. G. A., Ramsay, S. K. & Davis, C. J.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 480, Issue 3, p.4231-4243
    URL: [ADS]
  48. Title: The curious case of II Lup: a complex morphology revealed with SAM/NACO and ALMA
    Authors: Lykou, F., Zijlstra, A. A., Kluska, J., Lagadec, E., Tuthill, P. G., Avison, A., Norris, B. R. M. & Parker, Q. A.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 480, Issue 1, p.1006-1021
    URL: [ADS]
  49. Title: DEIMOS observations of WISE-selected, optically obscured AGNs
    Authors: Lam, A., Wright, E. & Malkan, M.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 480, Issue 1, p.451-466
    URL: [ADS]
  50. Title: A dust twin of Cas A: cool dust and 21 μm silicate dust feature in the supernova remnant G54.1+0.3
    Authors: Rho, J., Gomez, H. L., Boogert, A., Smith, M. W. L., Lagage, P.-O., Dowell, D., Clark, C. J. R., Peeters, E. & Cami, J.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 479, Issue 4, p.5101-5123
    URL: [ADS]
  51. Title: Zodiacal Light Beyond Earth Orbit Observed with Pioneer 10
    Authors: Matsumoto, T., Tsumura, K., Matsuoka, Y. & Pyo, J.
    Reference: The Astronomical Journal, Volume 156, Issue 3, article id. 86, 6 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  52. Title: Far-infrared dust properties of highly dust-obscured active galactic nuclei from the AKARI and WISE all-sky surveys
    Authors: Lam, A., Malkan, M. & Wright, E.
    Reference: Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, Advance Access
    URL: [ADS]
  53. Title: VERA Single Dish Observations
    Authors: Sunada, K., Nagayama, T., Yamauchi, A., Hirota, T., Shibata, K. M. & Honma, M.
    Reference: Astrophysical Masers: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 336, pp. 307-308
    URL: [ADS]
  54. Title: HH 137: discovering new knots and a molecular outflow with Gemini and APEX
    Authors: Ferrero, L. V., Cappa, C. E., Saldaño, H. P., Rubio, M., Gómez, M. & Gunthardt, G.
    Reference: Boletín de la Asociación Argentina de Astronomía, vol. 60, p.183-185
    URL: [ADS]
  55. Title: Long-lived protoplanetary disks in multiple systems: the VLA view of HD 98800
    Authors: Ribas, Á., Macías, E., Espaillat, C. C. & Duchêne, G.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1808.02493
    URL: [ADS]
  56. Title: Molecular gas in a Spitzer bubble N4: possible evidence for cloud-cloud collisions as a trigger of massive star formation
    Authors: Fujita, S., Torii, K., Tachihara, K., Enokiya, R., Hayashi, K., Kuno, N., Kohno, M., Tosaki, T., Yamagishi, M., Nishimura, A., Umemoto, T., Minamidani, T., Matsuo, M., Tsuda, Y., Sano, H., Tsutsumi, D., Ohama, A., Yoshiike, S., Okawa, K., Fukui, Y. & Fugin Members, O.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1808.00709
    URL: [ADS]
  57. Title: Dust Production Rates in the Fomalhaut Debris Disk from SOFIA/FORCAST Mid-infrared Imaging
    Authors: Adams, J. D., Herter, T. L., Lau, R. M., Trinh, C. & Hankins, M.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 862, Issue 2, article id. 161, 10 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  58. Title: A Multiline Study of a High-mass Young Stellar Object in the Small Magellanic Cloud with ALMA: The Detection of Methanol Gas at 0.2 Solar Metallicity
    Authors: Shimonishi, T., Watanabe, Y., Nishimura, Y., Aikawa, Y., Yamamoto, S., Onaka, T., Sakai, N. & Kawamura, A.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 862, Issue 2, article id. 102, 14 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  59. Title: On the detection of CO and mass-loss of bulge OH/IR stars
    Authors: Blommaert, J. A. D. L., Groenewegen, M. A. T., Justtanont, K. & Decin, L.
    Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 479, Issue 3, p.3545-3562
    URL: [ADS]
  60. Title: SOFIA/FORCAST Observations of the Luminous Blue Variable Candidates MN 90 and HD 168625
    Authors: Arneson, R., Shenoy, D., Smith, N. & Gehrz, R.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1807.08845
    URL: [ADS]
  61. Title: Asteroid models reconstructed from the Lowell Photometric Database and WISE data
    Authors: Durech, J., Hanus, J. & Ali-Lagoa, V.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1807.02083
    URL: [ADS]
  62. Title: The GJ 504 system revisited. Combining interferometric, radial velocity, and high contrast imaging data
    Authors: Bonnefoy, M., Perraut, K., Lagrange, A.-M., Delorme, P., Vigan, A., Line, M., Rodet, L., Ginski, C., Mourard, D., Marleau, G.-D., Samland, M., Tremblin, P., Ligi, R., Cantalloube, F., Mollière, P., Charnay, B., Kuzuhara, M., Janson, M., Morley, C., Homeier, D. D., Orazi, V. D., Klahr, H., Mordasini, C., Lavie, B., Baudino, J.-L., Beust, H., Peretti, S., Musso Bartucci, A., Mesa, D., Bézard, B., Boccaletti, A., Galicher, R., Hagelberg, J., Desidera, S., Biller, B., Maire, A.-L., Allard, F., Borgniet, S., Lannier, J., Meunier, N., Desort, M., Alecian, E., Chauvin, G., Langlois, M., Henning, T., Mugnier, L., Mouillet, D., Gratton, R., Brandt, T., Mc Elwain, M., Beuzit, J.-L., Tamura, M., Hori, Y., Brandner, W., Buenzli, E., Cheetham, A., Cudel, M., Feldt, M., Kasper, M., Keppler, M., Kopytova, T., Meyer, M., Perrot, C., Rouan, D., Salter, G., Schmidt, T., Sissa, E., Zurlo, A., Wildi, F., Blanchard, P., De Caprio, V., Delboulbé, A., Maurel, D., Moulin, T., Pavlov, A., Rabou, P., Ramos, J., Roelfsema, R., Rousset, G., Stadler, E., Rigal, F. & Weber, L.
    Reference: eprint arXiv:1807.00657
    URL: [ADS]
  63. Title: SETI with Gaia: The Observational Signatures of Nearly Complete Dyson Spheres
    Authors: Zackrisson, E., Korn, A. J., Wehrhahn, A. & Reiter, J.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 862, Issue 1, article id. 21, 7 pp. (2018).
    URL: [ADS]
  64. Title: A Near-infrared Spectroscopic Survey of FU Orionis Objects
    Authors: Connelley, M. S. & Reipurth, B.
    Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 861, Issue 2, article id. 145, 35 pp. (2018).
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