Infrared Space Observatory Utility: Coordinates

To transform coordinates from/to B1900/B1950/J2000

Please note that, for some sources, the converted values may differ from those in the Reserved Targets Lists by as much as 1" .

From: To: From: To: RA: DEC:


To enter coordinates

The user must specify RA in hours and DEC in degrees.
The format is free: both "dd mm ss.s" and "dd.ddd" are valid formats.

To choose the equinox

The user can select the frequently used equinoxes (i.e. B1900, B1950 or J2000) from the first two lists ("From" and "To" on the left).

Alternatively she/he can enter different values ("1995") in the two input fields ("From" and "To" on the right).

Note: the first "From" and "To" are used only if the second ones are not empty.

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