Wisep for 2MASS Catalog Server Kit

Satoshi Takita

This is an additional package which provides search functions of WISE (the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) Preliminary Release Catalog for the 2MASS Catalog Server Kit (version 2). Note that this requires about 350 GB disk space.


Additional package for `Wisep' is below.

Data files are available via HTTP.
You can donwload the entire data files using wget script.


Before installing `Wisep', you have to setup OS, PostgreSQL and 2MASS Kit. Basic instruction of installing 2MASS Kit is shown in this page.

`Wisep' support can be enabled by following procedure:

Next, re-register C stored functions to support `Wisep' as

Then, proceed to catalog installation. You can create the `Wisep' catalog server following the original installation page. Note that you need to replace `twomass' to `wisep'.

Example of Catalog Installation

Here is an example of commands.
I will show the required time with an Adaptec RAID 2405 + S-ATA HDD x 4 (RAID10). It will take 9 hours or more to complete registering the main table. In creating the dedicated positional search table, it will take about 10 and 15 minutes to register the table and create indexes, respectively.


Stored functions for `Wisep' are as follows.