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Chisato Yamauchi (Ph.D., Nagoya University, 2005)

Misato Astronomical Observatory,
180 Matsugamine, Kaiso-gun, Kimino-cho, Wakayama, 640-1366, Japan

Institute of Space and AstronauticalScience (ISAS)
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
3-1-1 Yoshinodai, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 229-8510, Japan

EMAIL: cyamauch %


Are passive spiral galaxies truly `passive' and `spiral'? A near-infrared perspective (2004MNRAS.352..815Y)(Erratum)

Radial and 2D colour properties of E+A galaxies (2005MNRAS.359.1557Y)

Morphological Classification of Galaxies Using Photometric Parameters: The Concentration Index versus the Coarseness Parameter (2005AJ....130.1545Y)

E+A and companion galaxies I. A catalogue and statistics (2008MNRAS.390..383Y)

AKARI-CAS --- Online Service for AKARI Infrared All-Sky Catalogues (2011PASP..123..852Y)

Development of 2MASS Catalog Server Kit (2011PASP..123.1324Y)

Invited Talk

Aug/2002 45th Linux seminar (GLOCOM): An X11 graphics library for beginners

Jan/2004 55th Linux seminar (GLOCOM): Fonts and XFree86 now and then

Sep/2007 ADASS XVII IRAF BoF (Kensington Town Hall; UK): Porting the IRAF to x86_64 OS

Aug/2010 "Kouseki-Tenren" Symposium (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan; JP): How to use public astronomical DB with SQL + script programming (Japanese)


Aug/2011 Astronomy Data Center SQL Lecture: how to use services via network (NAOJ; Nippon): Text (Japanese)

Dec/2011 Astronomy Data Center SQL Lecture: building database (NAOJ; Nippon): Text (Japanese)

Feb/2013 Astronomy Data Center SQL Lecture (NAOJ; Nippon): Text1 (Japanese) Text2 (Japanese)


Jul/2002 SDSS Collaboration Meeting (Princeton University; US): Galaxy Morphologies at the Bright End

Mar/2003 ASJ (Tohoku University): Classification of galaxies using a new texture parameter

Mar/2004 ASJ (Nagoya University): A near-infrared perspective of passive spiral galaxies

Mar/2005 ASJ (Meisei University): Radial and 2D colour properties of E+A galaxies

Sep/2006 ASJ (Kyushu International University): Search for E+A's neighbors!

Nov/2006 PLAIN symposium (ISAS/JAXA): The Akari archives

Jun/2008 AURA Software workshop (Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii; US): Current status of 64-bit IRAF

Oct/2008 PLAIN learning seminar (ISAS/JAXA): A First Course of Object-Oriented programming using LIBSPOO library.

Oct/2009 ADASS 2009 FITS BoF (Renaissance Sapporo Hotel; Nippon): SFITSIO

Mar/2010 ASJ (Hiroshima University): Catalogue Archive Server for `AKARIA' all-sky survey
 => poster | 3min | 10min

Feb/2011 PostgreSQL Conference 2011 (AP Shinagawa): Positional match-up of a huge object catalog and arbitrary catalogs.
 => pdf (Japanese)

Mar/2012 ASJ (Ryukoku University): Development and Release of 2MASS Catalog Server Kit version 2.0

Sep/2012 ASJ (Ohita University): Development and Release of SFITSIO-1.2.0

Mar/2013 Hiroshima University: SFITSIO-1.4.0 and SLLIB-1.4.0
 => HTML (Japanese)


The Environment of Passive Spiral Galaxies in the SDSS (2003PASJ...55..757G)

The morphology-density relation in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (2003MNRAS.346..601G)

The Infrared Astronomical Mission AKARI (2007PASJ...59S.369M)

The Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS) for AKARI (2007PASJ...59S.389K)

The Far-Infrared Properties of Spatially Resolved AKARI Observations (2007PASJ...59S.429J)

Spatially-Resolved Medium Resolution Spectroscopy of an Interacting E+A (post-starburst) System with the Subaru telescope (2008MNRAS.391..700G)

The AKARI/IRC mid-infrared all-sky survey (2010A&A...514A...1I)

Luminosity functions of local infrared galaxies with AKARI: implications for the cosmic star formation history and AGN evolution (2011MNRAS.410..573G)

Infrared Luminosity Functions of AKARI-SDSS Galaxies (2011MNRAS.414.1903G)

A Gunn-Peterson test with a QSO at z=6.4 (2011MNRAS.415L...1G)


AKARI Catalogue Archive Server

The XFree86 project (cap)

The IRAF64 project

Original Software

"EGGX / ProCALL" -- X11 Graphics Library (English and Nipponese)

"2MASS Catalog Server Kit" -- Kit to build fast catalog server with open source RDBMS (English and Nipponese)

SLI libraries for C users (English and Nipponese)

xmpeg_encode (Nipponese)


Maxima (Nipponese)

Display Test (Nipponese)

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