AKARI Asteroid Flux Catalog Ver.1

Release date: 4 Oct 2016
Last update: 18 Dec 2017

Users' contribution data

The AKARI Asteroid Flux Catalog contains photometric data of 5201 asteroids observed with the Infrared Camera (IRC) on board the Japanese infrared astronomical satellite AKARI. The catalog objects comprise the near-Earth asteroids, the main belt asteroids, the Cybeles, the Hildas, and the Jovian Trojan asteroids. The observations were performed by the all-sky survey in 9 or 18 micron bands as well as the slow-scan observations in 9 or 18 micron bands, and the pointed observations in 4, 7, 11, 15, and/or 24 micron bands.

It is the user group who will take responsibility of the contents of the catalogue. AKARI helpdesk (see below for contact address) is pleased to forward your inquiry and comments to the group.


  • ReadMe.txt
    Description of data files, file formats, contents, and caveats for the users are presented. Users of the catalogue are strongly recommended to read this note prior to playing with the data.
  • References Following papers describes details of the data processing and calibration, and the resulted data.

    • Usui et al. 2011, PASJ, 63, 1117 (22pp)   [ADS][PASJ] : the all-sky survey
    • Hasegawa et al. 2013, PASJ, 65, 34 (11pp)   [ADS][PASJ] : the slow-scan observations
    • Müller et al. 2014, PASJ, 66, 52 (17pp)   [ADS][PASJ] : the pointed observation (25143 Itokawa)
    • Müller et al. 2017, A&A, 599, A103 (25pp)   [ADS][A&A] : the pointed observation (162173 Ryugu)


Scientific Analysis

The use of this catalogue for the scientific analysis should follow the guidelines for publication.