AKARI/IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2)

Last Update : 2017/12/19

What's New!

2017/12/19: Egusa et al. 2016 reference updated
2016/07/06: Release a minor update of IRC Data User Manual (ver2.2)
2016/02/12: A paper (Egusa et al. 2016) of the data processing/calibration and basic performance of the data is now available.
2015/11/30: New warning 'Wusv' for MIR stacked images has been introduced. See Changes and IRC_DUM.pdf for details.
2015/05/25: Two data (OBSID = 5120023_001 and 5120025_001) are moved from DTIRC to DTFIS, as they are parallel observations of corresponding FIS obsevations. No change in the data contents.
2015/04/30: Version 1.0.1: Updates on WCS eye-checking result. See Changes and release notes for details.
2015/04/30: Data tables become sortable.
2015/03/31: AKARI/IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2) Version 1 Public Release

[Brief Description]

This is the first release of processed images from Infrared Camera (IRC) on board the Japanese infrared satellite AKARI during Phase 1&2 pointed observations. The field of view of IRC is 10 arcmin and the PSF size is ~5 arcseconds in FWHM. The 9 photometric filters continuously cover the wavelength range from ~2 to ~26 micrometers. The above figures show examples of processed images as 3-color composites.

The above figure shows target positions in the Galactic coordinates from ~4000 (Red: ~3000 photometric, Blue: ~1000 spectroscopic) observations. The updated toolkit and data users manual are also available from the following links.


[Data Search]

New data packages with processed images are available from the following links. For raw data packages, please go to the DARTS website.
Caution: Please contact us when you use the stacked data with the warning of 'Wusv'.

[Imaging Toolkit]

[Scientific Analysis]

The use of this data for the scientific analysis should follow the the guidelines for publication: AKARI Guidelines for Publication


Questions and comments are most appreciated. Please send them via helpdesk (see below for contact address).
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