AKARI Data Reduction Workshop at ESAC on Sept. 18, 2007

  • FIS Introduction 1 (I. Yamamura) [PDF (955K)]
  • FIS Introduction 2 -- Starting with the Slow-Scan Tool -- (S. Makiuti & I. Yamamura) [PDF (882K)]
  • FIS Slow Scan Tool, advanced (S. Matsuura) [PDF (652K)]
  • The points of caution on the FIS data (M. Shirahata) [PDF (3.3M)]
  • IRC Data and Imaging Toolkit (Y. Ita) [PDF (4.1M)]
  • The IRC Spectroscopy: Data and their Calibration (Y. Ohyama) [PDF (4.3M)]
  • Questions and Answers [PDF ( 35K)]