Three AKARI processed data products released

25 April 2016

We are pleased to announce the following AKARI processed data are available to the public community. Unfortunately, the documentation describing the data is still preliminary and does not provide complete information needed for data users. As an immediate solution to this issue, we kindly request that you provide your e-mail address to access the data so that the data processing team and data users (you) can work closely during on scientific analysis of the data. As soon as the documents are ready, the data will become completely open to the public.

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  • FIS Bright Source Catalogue Ver.2

    Revised version of the FIS Bright Source Catalogue released in 2010. Improved detection completeness and reliability, position and flux accuracy.

  • IRC Pointed Observation Images (Post-Helium (Phase 3) Mission)

    Processed Near-IR images from the IRC taken in Phase 3 (post-Helium Mission). Individual observation data were processed separately.

  • IRC Point Source Spectral Catalogue

    Near-IR (2.5-5.0 micron) spectra taken with the IRC spectroscopic mode with the point source aperture mask.