2018-12-14 Space telescope detects water in a number of asteroids
2018-03-09 Proceedings of the 4th AKARI Conference has been published
2014-03-24 AKARI made a key step to understand the material evolution in the universe
2012-02-08 AKARI found carbon monoxide molecules embedded in ten million degree gas
2011-10-21 AKARI detected the light from the first stars
2011-10-13 Gold dust collection in the sky: the World's largest asteroids database made by AKARI
2011-03-25 AKARI reveals Red Giants' dusty veils
2008-11-19 AKARI Highlights I: A supergiant making a splash in a cosmic river
2008-11-19 AKARI Highlights II: The mystery of missing dust
2008-11-19 AKARI Highlights III: Supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud unveiled by AKARI
2007-09-05 Active star formation viewed from the outside: The peculiar spiral galaxy M101
2007-09-05 AKARI observes the distant Universe
2007-03-26 Initial Results I: Star formation history revealed by AKARI wide-area survey observations
2007-03-26 Initial Results II: The first infrared detection of a supernova remnant in the Small Magellanic Cloud
2007-03-26 Initial Results III: Stars in the later stages of their life cycle as seen by AKARI
2007-03-26 Initial Results IV: Molecular gas surrounding an active galactic nucleus with a giant black hole at its centre as seen by AKARI infrared observations
2007-03-26 Initial Results V: AKARI confirms an era of intense active star formation in the Universe

The Use of AKARI Images

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