IR2022: An Infrared Bright Future for Ground-based IR Observatories in the Era of JWST

2022 February 14 - 18, Online


The organisers of this meeting would like to ensure that everyone who needs to access this meeting, will be able to do so. The online format is already very beneficial in terms of accessibility as hurdles such as travel, associated costs, and visa restrictions do not apply. For IR 2022, we would like to offer in addition financial help to those whose internet connectivity would otherwise not allow participation in this meeting. A possible solution for this conference is a mobile WiFi router that uses the 4G network for internet connectivity. The costs for both the hardware and a prepaid SIM card allowing for the required data volume (*) to follow the conference are of order 100 €. We have secured the funds to provide several participants with this equipment. Please get in touch with us and fill the respective fields of the registration form if you are in need of this support. If you have any questions about this, please contact the VOC at

(*) Estimated required data volume to follow this conference: 5 days * 4.5 hours per day * 1.2 MBit/s data transfer rate for the Zoom meeting * 3600 s/h * 1/8 byte/bit * 1/1024 GByte/MByte = ca. 12 GByte.