IR2022: An Infrared Bright Future for Ground-based IR Observatories in the Era of JWST

2022 February 14 - 18, Online

IR2022 Presenter Instructions and Information

Instructions for Pre-Recorded Talks and Posters

We would like to ask the poster and pre-recorded talk presenters to submit their presentations a few days before the start of the conference. This will help us to upload your posters and talks to Gather Town and YouTube ready on the very first day of IR2022! For the videos (the poster flash 3-min talks and pre-recorded 12-min talks), please submit your file by February 8th (Tuesday), 2022. For the posters, please submit your file by February 10th (Thursday), 2022.

Please find the detailed instructions below. The instructions for the poster flash 3-min talks and pre-recorded 12-min talks are the same, except for a slight difference in the file name scheme. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the VOC via email at or on the IR2022 Slack workspace.

Pre-recorded talks (please submit by Feb 8th):
  • We recommend using Zoom to record your talks. It is probably the simplest method. We will have an official video editor to help crop the beginning and the end of each talk.
    • Here are some tips from our video editor to aid in getting the best quality video:
      • Sit in a quiet space with no background noise.
      • Somewhere without lots of hard surfaces (like a kitchen) is recommended. This helps to prevent echos.
      • After starting a recording, wait a couple of seconds before you start talking. Likewise, wait a couple of seconds before stopping the recording when you end your talk.
      • Optional: Turn on “Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editor” in your Zoom setting (requires a login to your Zoom account: See this Zoom official support page for more details.
  • After starting Zoom just with yourself, start sharing the screen of your presentation.
  • We suggest turning on your camera, so your face will be recorded simultaneously with your slides.
  • When you are ready to talk, go to “More” (three dots in the Zoom menu bar) and click “Record” (if you have a free Zoom account) or “Record to the Cloud” (if you have a paid Zoom account) to start your recording. The screenshot shows an example of the latter case. Please wait a few seconds before starting your talk and leave a few seconds after your talk – this will help our video editor to edit your video.
  • When you finish your talk, go to “More” again, and click “Stop Recording”. As suggested above, please wait a few seconds to click this button after completing your talk.
  • The recording should be automatically saved to your local machine:
    • For a free Zoom account: by default in “~/Documents/Zoom/”
    • For a paid Zoom account: See your the Zoom Cloud by logging in at and click “Recordings” on the left.
  • Please change the file name following the naming scheme of
    • Pre-recorded talk (12 mins): “Talk_[YourGivenName]_[YourFamilyName].mp4”
    • Poster flash talk (3 mins): “PosterTalk_[YourGivenName]_[YourFamilyName].mp4”
    • We encourage you to submit your recording as an mp4 file (This should be the default by Zoom).
  • Please upload your video file with the following file uploader by February 8th (Tuesday), 2022. The organizer will post it to YouTube and embed it in Gather Town for you before the conference starts. If you prefer to send us a link to your video, please upload a text file (“Talk_[YourGivenName]_[YourFamilyName].txt”) with the direct link included.

Posters (please submit by Feb 10th):
  • Poster presentations and viewing will happen in Gather Town.
  • The aspect ratio that works best in Gather Town is 27 x 16 (width x height).
  • Posters typically have a size of 10,000 pixels for the width and 6,000 pixels for the height. The minimum size allowed in Gather Town is 1000 x 600 pixels.
  • The maximum file size allowed is < 10 MB.
  • Posters have to be saved in the JPG or PNG format.
  • Please save your file with a filename that follows the naming scheme of “Poster_[YourGivenName]_[YourFamilyName].{jpg, png}”
  • Optional: Gather Town also allows for a “poster preview”, which is a small image that pops up when someone walks past a poster. This will be automatically generated as a rescaled version of the original poster, but participants can supply this file separately. We recommend keeping the file size < 2 MB, so the preview image can be loaded without delay. If you are also submitting this mini preview poster, please save the file with the naming scheme of “PosterPreview_[YourGivenName]_[YourFamilyName].{jpg, png}.
  • Please upload your poster (and an optional mini preview poster if you wish) with the following file uploader by February 10th (Thursday), 2022. The organizer will post it to Gather Town for you before the conference starts.