About The Conference


WFIRST is the flagship mission of astrophysics by NASA targeting the launch in 2024/25 designed to perform Wide Field imaging and surveys of the near infrared (NIR) sky. WFIRST will conduct 3 different types of surveys to make an order of magnitude step forward in dark energy, namely High Latitude Spectroscopic Survey, Type Ia Supernovae (SNe) Survey, and High Latitude Imaging Survey. WFIRST also studies exoplanets along two complementary fronts, namely, Microlensing Survey and the direct characterization of exoplanets using the Coronagraph Instrument in order to provide the most comprehensive view of the formation, evolution, and physical properties of planetary systems.

Subaru Telescope is the Japanese 8.2m telescope atop Mauna Kea. The telescope has advantages of the wide-field observational capability as well as the superb image quality and stability that is both essential in wide-field systematic observations as well as high contrast observations. In the coming decade, in addition to HSC now already working for a few years, PFS for wide-field spectroscopy, IR Doppler Spectrograph (IRD), and instruments with SCExAO are expected to be equipped to keep the facility one of the most competitive in many science field.

JAXA and NASA discussed about the potential contribution of Japan for the WFIRST project. One significant aspect discussed so far is to providing the Subaru-WFIRST Synergistic Observations to benefit both WFIRST project and the Subaru science community. Intensive discussions have been made in Japan for the last two years and now NAOJ supported by the enthusiasm of Japanese opt/IR community is ready to commit to reserve ~100 nights at around 2025 for the WFIRST-Subaru Synergistic Observations program. In this background, it is now desirable that WFIRST and Subaru communities and the representative scientists join to discuss and identify the most valuable way to use that committed nights. The purpose of this workshop is therefore to survey the requirements from both WFIRST and Subaru side in various fields, for those central science survey by WFIRST (HLS, SNe Survey, ╬╝lens Survey and Coronagraph Observations) as well as for the highlighted topics in Guest Observers time. This is also the first important opportunities for Japanese researchers to learn and consider the science with WFIRST.

U.S. participation (or non-Subaru participation) is limited to members of the WFIRST science investigation teams nominated by the FSWG and working group chairs, and NASA HQ.

Main Topics

  • WFIRST High Latitude Survey and related science
  • WFIRST Supernova Survey and related science
  • WFIRST Microlensing Survey and related science
  • WFIRST Coronagraph and related science
  • WFIRST Guest Observatory

Important Dates

Registration opens: October 17
Deadline for travel support: November 18
Registration deadline: December 8
Workshop: December 18-20