First Announcement

First Announcement (2010/10/27)

              SPICA Science Workshop
        Date: Thursday 16th - Friday 17th December 2010

[ Scope of the workshop ]

SPICA mission is in the pre-project phase at JAXA, and in order to proceed
to the next step, the specifications of onboard observing instruments must
be determined. The scope of this workshop is to widely discuss the SPICA's
unique sciences based on the proposed instrument suite. The discussions
held in this workshop is an important process of the design fix of the
focal plane instruments.

[ Date and Place ]

Date : Thursday 16th - Friday 17th December 2010
Place : NAOJ, Mitaka campus, The Large Seminar room at Subaru build.
Organizers : SPICA preproject & SPICA Gopira taskforce

Organising Committee : Nakagawa, Matsuhara, Kawada (ISAS/JAXA)
Ichikawa, Ita (Tohoku University)
Tamura, Yamashita (NAOJ)

Contact Address: spica_ws(at)  [ Please change (at) to @. ]

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