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SPICA Collaboration

  • SPICA Collaboration Meeting
    • 1st Collaboration Meeting, April 02-04, 2019, at SRON Program
    • 2nd Collaboration Meeting, October 28-30, 2019, at Paris Program

SPICA Instruments

SpicA FAR-infrared Instrument
SPICA Mid-Infrared Instrument
Magnetic field explorer with BOlometric Polarimeter
European team
led by SRON
International team
led by Nagoya University
European team
led by CEA
SAFARI homepage SMI homepage
SAFARI factsheet
PDF file (v1.0, 2016/9/30)

Explanatory Note (v.0.951, PDF)
SMI factsheet
PDF file (v12.1, 2019/7/1)
B-BOP factsheet
PDF file

Representative papers
"Safari: instrument design of the far-infrared imaging spectrometer for spica"
W. Jellema et al.,
ICSO, 105631K (2017)
Representative papers
"SPICA mid-infrared instrument (SMI): conceptual design and feasibility studies"
Kaneda et al.
SPIE, 106980C (2018)
Representative papers
"Probing the cold magnetized Universe with SPICA-POL (B-BOP)"
Ph. André et al.
PASA (2019) To be published.

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SPICA Papers

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SPICA Conferences/Workshops