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SPICA Collaboration

  • SPICA Collaboration Meeting
    • 4th Collaboration Meeting, 14-17 September 2020, Online Meeting, Program
    • 3rd Collaboration Meeting, 9-11 March 2020, at SRON, Program
    • 2nd Collaboration Meeting, 28-30 October 2019, at Paris, Program
    • 1st Collaboration Meeting, 02-04 April 2019, at SRON, Program

SPICA Instruments

SpicA FAR-infrared Instrument
SPICA Mid-Infrared Instrument
Magnetic field explorer with BOlometric Polarimeter
European team
led by SRON
International team
led by Nagoya University
European team
led by CEA
SAFARI homepage SMI homepage
B-BOP homepage
SAFARI factsheet
PDF file (v1.0, Sep/30/2016)

Explanatory Note (v.0.951, PDF)
SMI factsheet
PDF file (v13.1, Sep/21/2020)
B-BOP factsheet
(v3.1, Jul/2020)

Representative papers
"SPICA—A Large Cryogenic Infrared Space Telescope: Unveiling the Obscured Universe"
P. Roelfsema et al.,
PASA, 35, e030 (2018)
Representative papers
"SPICA mid-infrared instrument (SMI): conceptual design and feasibility studies"
Kaneda et al.
SPIE, 106980C (2018)
Representative papers
"Probing the cold magnetized Universe with SPICA-POL (B-BOP)"
P. André et al.
PASA, 36, e029 (2019)

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SPICA Papers

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SPICA Conferences/Workshops