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Development Status

    Current Project Status in JAXA (as of July 2016)

    SPICA is currently in a conceptual study phase as a candidate pre-project in JAXA.

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Future Milestones

    2018 ESA Cosmic Vision M5 first selection
    JAXA System Requirement Review (SRR) / Project Preparation Review
    2019 JAXA System Definition Review (SDR) / Project Approval
    2027-2028 Launch

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Project History

  • FY2016
    • "An important step forward for the SPICA mission." The start of the phase A1 activity for SPICA was approved by ISAS.
    • SPICA proposal, which was prepared by the SPICA team consisting mainly of Japanese and European scientists, was submitted in response to the CALL FOR A MEDIUM-SIZE MISSION OPPORTUNITY IN ESA'S SCIENCE PROGRAMME (M5).
  • FY2015
    • The new SPICA plan passed the Mission Definition Review by ISAS/JAXA, in which the purpose, and its goals and objectives were redefined.
  • FY2013
    • The new SPICA plan started heading for the launch in 2020s.
  • FY2011
    • The "Risk Mitigation Phase" started to cope with the most critical technical issues.
  • FY2010
    • The SPICA original plan passed the Mission Requirement Review by ISAS/JAXA, followed by the conceptual design phase.
  • FY2008
    • The SPICA pre-project Team was established after the approval in the JAXA Project Readiness Review.
    • The conceptual study was conducted jointly by ESA and JAXA.
  • FY2007
    • The proposal for SPICA was submitted to ISAS/JAXA and approved in the Mission Definition Review.
    • The SPICA team also applied for the ESA Cosmic Vision (M1, 2) and was chosen as a candidate of the Mission of Opportunity. The conceptual study started then.
    • SPICA Mission Proposal (ver.2; written in Japanese)
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