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Processed Data

NameShort DescriptionRelease / Update Date
Data from All-Sky Survey
AKARI All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogues Catalogue: S9W, L18W, N60, WIDE-S, WIDE-L, N160 30 Mar 2010
FIS Bright Source Catalogue Ver.2 Catalogue: N60, WIDE-S, WIDE-L, N160 25 Apr 2016
AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps Image: N60, WIDE-S, WIDE-L, N160 19 Dec 2014
The AKARI Asteroid Catalogue (AcuA)
provided by DARTS
13 Oct 2011
Data from Pointed Observations
IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 1&2) Images: N2, N3, N4, S7, S9W, S11, L15, L18W, L24 31 Mar 2015
IRC Pointed Observation Images (Phase 3) Images: N2, N3, N4 25 Apr 2016
IRC Point Source Spectral Catalogue Spectra: NG (Grism), NP (Prism) 25 Apr 2016
IRC MIR-S Slit-less Spectroscopic Catalogue Spectra: SG1, SG2 (Grism) 08 Nov 2018
Data from Large area Survey
Large Magellanic Cloud: Point Source Catalogue Catalogue: N3, S7, S11, L15, L24 13 Nov 2012
Large Magellanic Cloud: Near-infrared Spectroscopic Catalogue Spectra: NP (Prism) 10 Jan 2013
North Ecliptic Pole: Deep (Ver. 2) Catalogue: N2, N3, N4, S7, S9W, S11, L15, L18W, L24 16 Oct 2013
North Ecliptic Pole: Wide Catalogue: N2, N3, N4, S7, S9W, S11, L15, L18W, L24 15 Mar 2013
Users' contribution data
AKARI IRC NIR Low-resolution Spectral Catalogue of Diffuse Sky Patches 27 Jun 2013
AKARI Near-infrared Spectral Atlas of Galactic HII regions 10 Mar 2014
The Asteroid Catalog using AKARI IRC Slow-Scan Observations (Ver. 1) 12 May 2014
AKARI/IRC NIR Spectral Atlas of Galactic Planetary Nebulae 29 Mar 2016
AKARI Asteroid Flux Catalog (Ver. 1) 4 Oct 2016
AKARI Near Infrared Asteroid Spectral Catalog Ver.1 30 Nov 2018
NameShort DescriptionRelease / Update Date

Raw Data Packages

AKARI Pointed Observation data are archived and provided by Data ARchives and Transmission System (DARTS) maintained by Center for Science-satellite Operation and Data Archive (C-SODA), ISAS/JAXA.

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