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Last update: 03 Dec 2016

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requirement: IRAF ver. 2.16


requirement: IDL (developed on IDL 8.5.)

Calibration Data

The following information is ONLY for the old version (20070104) software.

  • Flat data for observations after 2007-01-07 02:49:00 (667kB)

    We have noticed that the flat pattern for the MIR-S channels changed at 2007-01-07 02:49:00. The pattern in the lower right corner disappeared after this epoch. For observations before this epoch, the flat data in the pipeline should be good enough though we are already aware that the pattern varies a little with time and are trying to prepare better flats depending on the observation time. Observations after this epoch should use the new flats for MIR-S.

    We are planning to include the flat data in each observation, but at this stage you can replace the flats by following two ways.

    • replacing the fits files in irc/lib/flat directory
    • changing the entries of flat in constants.database in irc/lib


Presentation files for the AKARI Data Reduction Workshops

Caution: The information in the following presentations is not always relevant to Phase 3 data.